Erohe will Attend PharmaPack 2024

In our voyage through the vast pharmaceutical landscape, at Erohe we have consistently realized that innovations stretch beyond just drug formulations. The domain of packaging is equally transformative. Central to this evolution is PharmaPack. As the anticipation builds for its 2024 edition, here’s a peek into our expectations and insights.

Where is PharmaPack 2024?

PharmaPack 2024 is scheduled for the 24th and 25th of January, at the illustrious Paris Expo, nestled in Porte de Versailles – Hall 7.2, in the cultural epicenter of Paris, France. This venue, renowned for hosting landmark events, is primed to witness a confluence of industry magnates, innovators, and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Diving into the future of pharmaceutical packaging

Every PharmaPack iteration serves as a crystal ball, revealing future trajectories. This year, we’re especially looking forward to:

  • Sustainable pathways: With the planet’s well-being at stake, the limelight is on recyclable and biodegradable materials.
  • The digital leap: Intelligent packaging is ushering in a new era, promising improved patient adherence and safety whilst it will provide real-time medicinal tracking.
  • Safety reimagined: Innovations that focus on child-resistant packaging, without compromising accessibility, are a trend we’re wholeheartedly endorsing.
  • Aesthetic evolution: The design world tilts towards minimalism, balancing sustainability with a fresh, modern outlook.

Erohe’s business in the pharma world

Navigating the multifaceted world of pharmaceuticals requires dedication, expertise, and the right allies. Our offerings, spanning European Pharmacopoeial standards, British Pharmacopoeial standards, and Japanese Pharmacopeial standards, stand as a testament to our commitment. Furthermore, our specialized testing services and curated range of research chemicals ensure we remain at the industry’s cutting edge. Feel free to connect with us for collaborations, inquiries, or insights.

As the curtains prepare to rise for PharmaPack 2024, we at Erohe are ready — with our expertise, passion, and vision — to delve into the future of pharmaceutical packaging. You can register here to attend the event.